As the year draws quickly to its end, I find myself in a state of “beginning.”

I am not only beginning my foray into the small (tiny, really) business world, but am also beginning my new role as a resident ceramic artist. The first of these beginnings is the result of a labor of love over the past few months, the other is an opportunity that unfolded serendipitously before me over the past few weeks. Both beginnings are related to my creative endeavors. Seemingly my creative side (long hidden under the covers) cannot contain itself any longer; it wants to get out and do more (and I’m going to attempt to document its activities on this blog and elsewhere ; ).

Sometimes working up the courage to take the first step is the biggest challenge to beginning the journey. In a past post, I mentioned that “creative” and “courage” were words that I had written down for this year. Little did I know that two simple words (there were three, actually, but I’m keeping that last one to myself) would have such power to guide my path. Looking back, I would never have guessed that I would end up here.

Yet here I am, taking a step… beginning.



November 19, 2013

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