Etsy Store Launch Special

9:10 11.12.13
Today is THE day!

After months of preparation, the blue bean studio Etsy store is being launched. Everyone is welcome to come on in and take a look…

To celebrate the occasion, I am offering FREE SHIPPING for the FIRST TEN ITEMS sold. Here is a little taste of what I have in the store right now…

A Sunny Bunny Cup to add some cheer to your tabletop.

A Blue Lagoon dish to make those beach vacation memories linger longer…

The Cheery Sun and Sleepy Moon spoons to wish you g’day and bid you g’night!

Opening day has been a long time coming and I have to say there is a bit of relief that it’s actually happening (believe me, there have been many days of questioning on my part). Leading up to this, the emotions were a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and dread. Does the world really need more whimsy and cuteness? Will the enormous Etsy community even notice that a new little shop exists? Can I live with the possibility of failure after putting so much heart and soul into the project?

In all my questioning I have realized that I am, in fact, motivated by many other things outside of success. At the core of it all is my need to be creative. I intrinsically enjoy the creative process and I have loved every moment of putting this all together.

Hop on over to the blue bean studio Etsy store to check out the rest of the pieces and to take advantage of the free shipping. The virtual shelves are stocked and the packaging material is standing by; the web window display has been put up and the digital doors have been flung open. And now that the sign has flipped to “OPEN”, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to say hello!

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November 12, 2013

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