Season of thanksgiving & giving

In a matter of days, families all over the US will be gathering and feasting in one way or another. Growing up in Canada, I sometimes felt bad for the Americans who had to celebrate two awesome holidays — Thanksgiving and Christmas — so close together. Canadians celebrate the former on the second Monday of October; for me as a kid looking forward from one holiday to the next, the month and a half between the two allowed adequate time for each holiday to be fully anticipated and appreciated. So when I first moved to the US, the stretch from Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed rather rushed and I felt that one couldn’t properly work up to Christmas because it arrived before the Thanksgiving feast could be digested.

After spending time abroad and having moved back to the US, I am learning to appreciate the beauty of Thanksgiving and Christmas being so close together. Upon reflection, it seems rather fitting that the season of giving should follow so closely behind the season of thanksgiving, even though the holidays weren’t “planned” that way. After counting our blessings with Thanksgiving, we can respond with generosity during Christmastime.

As commercialized as these holidays have become, I would like to think that beneath all the excess and excitement the spirit of thanksgiving and giving is still alive. Besides, it’s like having a bundled package, a month-long party punctuated by (usually great) meals.

Before I stop this rambling, I want to note that “giving” does not at all refer only to that of material goods. We can be generous with so much more than our pocketbooks!

Anyway, that’s just my humble opinion. Happy Thanksgiving : )



November 26, 2013

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