Remember my frustration with glazing last week? I had been playing around with new, fancy ideas which made my glazing process much more complicated than it needed to be. Well, I’m here to declare that it was all worth it! To be honest, there was a bit of anxiousness that I had managed to ruin all of my painstaking qinghua painting work with the experimentation. However, the pieces came out of the glaze firing looking much better than I expected. I am actually very happy with the results.

These cups were the most complex and time-consuming of the batch due to the “windows” of paisley all around the outside (plus a tiny little one on the inside). While I love the effect, I will have to rethink this design…

All in all, I’m loving the qinghua pigment with dark blue or white glaze and I’ll definitely be playing with the combinations a lot more.

CATEGORY: In the Studio


June 5, 2012

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